Look no further than National Laboratory Sales when you're searching for new or used Hemco laboratory furniture.  Designed and manufactured to meet industry, military and customer requirements; Hemco has been building quality laboratory fume hoods and safety equipment since 1958.  Being one of the leading manufacturer of laboratory furniture, Hemco has been serving the Sciences and R&D technology industries for many years now.  Each laboratory fume hood by Hemco is designed top of the line steel grade with a unique vertical sliding sash and Epoxy Resin counter top to ensure the highest quality in furniture. Did we mention they're also complete with flammable base cabinets?

Here at National Laboratory Sales, our team of experts understand that not all new and used laboratory furniture is created the same.  Don't let buying new laboratory furniture be a daunting process; let us provide you with some information on the best Hemco laboratory fume hoods that are in our warehouses. Whether you're in need of a light duty enclosure for that unwanted vapors, a refined fume hood system to avoid those toxic fumes, or simply a unique ventilation system for unique applications; our team at National Laboratory Sales can help direct you in the right direction.  Outstanding service that comes from National laboratory sales along with a guarantee promise you’ll love your new or used Hemco laboratory furniture!

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