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Thermo Scientific

Take a look at the line of new and used Thermo Scientific laboratory furniture here at National Laboratory Sales when you're thinking of refurnishing or upgrading your current equipment. Each of the laboratory fume hoods by Thermo Scientific manufacturer are designed to provide you energy efficiency, meets the safety requirements, and the most cost effective!  Did we mention that Thermo Scientific is a leading industry front-runner in laboratory furniture and carries the most comprehensive selection of laboratory fume hoods as well as represents the ultimate culmination of safety, performance, and styling?  Give our team of experts at National Laboratory Sales a call today and let us help find you the right new or used Thermo Scientific laboratory furniture or fume hood today.

We understand that purchasing new or used laboratory furniture can be difficult if you're unsure of what you're looking for or unsure of what you need.  Thermo Scientific laboratory fume hoods are a great choice, let us help you make the first step towards finding the perfect fume hood for your laboratory and something that fits your budget too!  Created with only of the highest quality material and meet regulations; trust that the new and used Thermo Scientific laboratory furniture that we carry here at National Laboratory Sales will not only meet your expectations but exceed them.  Along with laboratory fume hoods, National Laboratory Sales also sells laboratory casework, cabinets, and other types of furniture for all your laboratory furnishing needs. Contact us and let us help you decide which laboratory furniture is perfect for what you’re looking for!

Fill out our form below to contact National Laboratory Sales today and let us know if you're interested in receiving more information about any of our new and used Thermo Scientific laboratory furniture and fume hoods today!

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