Are you looking to upgrade your pharmaceutical, medical device, semiconductor, or micro-electronics laboratory?  Take a look at the line of used Envirco laboratory furniture and fume hoods that we carry here at National Laboratory Sales!  Created with a unique low energy, low sound, and low profile fan filter unit; Envirco laboratory furniture is ideal for anyone and everyone.  Each of their fume hoods come with a stainless interior as well as flow monitor to provide you with a long lasting product that's able to meet your standards of lab furniture.

Here at National Laboratory Sales, We understand that choosing laboratory furniture and fume hoods for your environment may be a difficult process if you're not sure of what you need to be looking for and which manufacturer can provide that for you and your laboratory.  That's why our team of experts or fully equipped to answer any questions you may have and help you find the perfect used Envirco laboratory furniture and fume hoods today!  Let us help make the decision easier by talking to one of our team members and telling us exactly what you’re looking.  Give us a call at National Laboratory Sales and let us help you find the right furniture for your laboratory!

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