St. Charles

St. Charles

If you’re looking to purchase laboratory cabinets, we’re your people. Our experienced lab design specialist are available to consult you every step of the way; starting from the initial consultation through the design phase and all the way to the end where you choose which pieces of used cabinets by St. Charles will make it into your laboratory.  Let us tell you why they are a great manufacturer and help you decide on which pieces of laboratory furniture is right for you and your space.
Here at National Laboratory Sales you'll find extraordinary selection of furniture by many manufacturers. Their product line is one of the top brands and focus on quality and safety when it comes to your laboratory, especially your cabinets. Whether you’re using their furniture for education purposes or for a research lab, trust that they are a great choice and you'll always get great cabinets.
We want to work with you to get you the furniture that you require. Picking cabinets for your laboratory is a hard process; let us show you exactly what you’re going to be needing. They are a great manufacturer when you’re looking for laboratory furnishings. Look no further than National Laboratory Sales for your furniture needs.

Contact National Laboratory Sales today and let us know if you're interested in receiving more information about any of our used St. Charles laboratory cabinets and laboratory furniture today!

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